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Thank you for your interest in my future novels! My publisher (Love Inspired Historical) and I currently have an agreement to publish one more book, which release at the beginning of next year.


The British Rescue (temporary title)

January 2015

Book 3 of the Belanger Family Saga and the sequel to The Soldier’s Secrets. It tells the love story of Danielle Belanger, Jean Paul’s stepdaughter whom you meet in The Soldier’s Secrets, and it takes place at the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars.



*Note: I don’t yet have an official description from my publisher, but this is one I wrote.

Things not Taught at Eton or Cambridge:

1. How to boil water
2. How to effect a Prison Break
3. How to care for a brother dying of pneumonia
4. What to do with a beautiful French woman you happen upon in the midst of your prison break
5. How to hold the woman hostage and drag her with you across a war-torn country
6. What to do when she cries
7. How to fall in love

Lord Gregory Halston, third son of the sixth Marquess of Westerfield, has a plan for everything. So when his older brother becomes captured and imprisoned in Napoleonic France, Gregory devises a plan to free him. He’s rather good at making plans and following them through, after all. This is one reason why he’s the most sought after man of business in London. Except his plan doesn’t exactly go . . . well, as planned.

When Danielle Belanger happens upon a group of Englishmen camped secretly in the woods, she has every reason to turn her back on them. She could be tried as a traitor for helping them, and her brother is dead thanks to England’s terrifying navy. Yet something compels her to help the band of needy. The only thing more dangerous than getting caught helping them might be falling in love with a certain British lord.